95 Acres with 12 Ponds and fields for potential training ground.
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Thread: 95 Acres with 12 Ponds and fields for potential training ground.

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    Default 95 Acres with 12 Ponds and fields for potential training ground.

    Hello! I am posting this here on the advice of some friends who use our property to train thier retrievers.


    My wife and I are putting on the market our property in Parish, NY (upstate), only 2 miles from Rt 81, and only 25 minutes drive from downtown Syracuse. We had a contractor steal our renovation funds, we used savings to get the house exteriors done and so the house has renovated foundation, framing, new premier siding, roof, and windows, but the interiors are unfinished, and it will be years, if ever before we can recover enough funds to finish it, so we are listing it instead. We really bought it for the property, it really is one of a kind, and we're hoping whomever buys it will appreciate it as much as we do!

    I have been told it is a retriever trainers dream... the ponds were previously used as a bait farm, and are all man-made and non-wetland. The largest is 2 acres, and 12' deep. They have some islands and peninsula's that can be modified easily to any shape/pattern you'd desire, the ponds on the east of the property are shallower, they max out about 6' deep. It has a 10 Acre hay field, and a couple of smaller fields 8acre/6acre... and then the literal "back 40" which is 40 acres of woodlot. There is a two story, 40X100 barn as well, we put quite a bit of work into shoring up the foundation and timbers to keep it sound.

    Drilled wells are problematic in this area, as they turn up bad water... shallow wells tend to run dry when there are droughts, this property has an excellent spring-fed well, water quality is great, volume is great (used to supply a 150 cow dairy) and as far back as '85 it's never gone dry and there have been some long droughts in there.

    If you have questions, feel free to PM me, I'm an open book... nothing to hide. We have architectural plans for the finished house (2700 ft^2, living area, +400 finished basement level). High ceiling great room, Loft area (5th bedroom or second family room).
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