(TN) HRCH UH KJ Just a Little Ginner Snap X HRCH Hollow Creek's Commander-in-Chief Holland NCH18 Pups
Ginger has her HRCH and UH title and is a Cinnamon and Lucca offspring that produced great dogs like KJ Just Buck and others. Ginger has a great water attitude and is one of the best marking Boykin that I’ve owned. This is the litter I’ve been waiting for, to keep another spice girl. Ginger had 4 girls and 3 boys; I have 1 girl and 2 boys available. Chief is the 2018 BSS Novice Champion and also has his HRCH title. Chief is an avid hunter and you can search for hunting videos. I feel this will be an acceptable breeding. I’m excited to have a HRCH to HRCH breeding plus this will bring another line of dogs into my breeding’s. I’m looking forward to this litter producing pups like Cinnamon and Lucca. Each pup will be DNA tested.

Ginger's Pedigree and OFA with testing



Chief's Pedigree and OFA with testing



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