"Lock Him Up" Chants at World Series
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Thread: "Lock Him Up" Chants at World Series

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    Default "Lock Him Up" Chants at World Series

    Trump should have known better than to attend the World Series. Did he expect the crowd to react in the same manner as at one of his rallies? This was a crowd of people that could afford to go to a WS game in DC, probably educated as well. Not his typical crowd of rednecks at one of his rallies.

    Loud booing and chants of "lock him up"

    video from the game

    Hours after announcing the death of one of the world’s most notorious terrorists, President Trump found little love at the World Series. Instead, when he was shown on the stadium’s large screen, the crowd booed robustly and began chanting, “Lock him up!” In the upper decks, fans held up a giant “Impeach Trump!” banner.

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    Corrupt regimes like Trump's don’t fight crime, they legalize it. They don’t chase the crooks, they hire them. They don’t stop lying, they tell you the truth is whatever they say it is. Honor used to mean something, as did truth and integrity. In the Trump culture, those character traits mean nothing. It is sad to see what is becoming of our country.

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    I think this crowd's reaction was appropriate given they had read in their hometown "news" paper that this man had murdered an "austere religious scholar" earlier in the day......while playing golf no less?
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