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Thread: Shout Out to Idaho Labs, Dr. Claire Klatt

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    This is one of those "elephants in the room". It's akin to other tests whenever they are started initially; funny thing about heart echo's is they have been around for a long time and used to be done more often. For some reason breeders had gotten away from them, my theory would be the test's significant-increasing "cost" and most dogs coming back normal over and over. But now it seems were are seeing more dogs with the condition; being diagnosed. I know that people are tracking particular lines that are more prone to develop the issue, but there's no database for it yet. It's just particular individuals, usually those that have a dog with the issue; who are keeping records. So Now it becomes a question; Do you want to know or do you not? How worthwhile is the test for your breeding stock? For me if you have a big time stud dog; that people are paying premium $$$$ to breed to and may produce several hundred pups. You should have every clearance you can done. Where as a single used stud will not be as impactful on the whole population. So perhaps focusing your testing on known problem conditions for your lines is OK.

    Still an event like this where heart echo's are moderately priced; is a good thing and I hope that more events follow. I would like to see a database for individual known to be affected (showing symptoms); where people could intelligently look at their lines. But reporting is always a double edged sword; oftentimes people choose not to report, and diagnosis of this condition can be very grey. I wouldn't want to see dogs cut out of the gene on plausible, which seems to happen every time another health concern comes along
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    My stud dog is done and the cardiologist said his numbers were "perfect". My question is what about the dogs that have numbers a little off and are not perfect. I'm sure they can't give them an OFA clearance, but is it really mild TVD? I've heard regurgitation can cause problems, I don't know if stress can cause problems, and then there is a fact where the inheritance is still unknown. $150 is a doable price but most of us pay much more, and throwing dogs out of a breeding pool when you don't know the inheritance or don't have a clear cut perfect echo and as far as you know, none has occurred in your breedings, seems a little premature especially if your clear dog produces it once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget Bodine View Post
    Abby is on meds and trained very carefully! TVD CAN KILL
    And Abby is managed by a team of cardiologists. I don't know what it costs, but I would not be surprised if meds and rechecks are about as much as keeping a second dog in training. This isn't like owning a hypothyroid dog.
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