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Thread: GWP pup question

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    Default GWP pup question

    Hi all,

    I've a 6 month old GWP pup Im training for ducks and geese in australia.

    He's obedience is good, he retrieves anything to me well. I mostly keep him on a check cord for training. I've got him used to shotguns no problems there.

    He's very keen on the birds but out in the field he finds them but doesn't want to bring them back.

    Even when i throw him a wing or frozen bird at home he wants to shake it and only brings it back after big tugs on the cord to get him back to me.

    Any advice appreciated. I know he is very young still.

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    Good time to look at FF ( trained retrieve). See if you can get Training the Versatile Hunting Dog from NAVHDA. Primariliy geared toward the Continental Sporting breeds.
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    Welcome to the retriever training forum GWP. One helpful thing to try is to separate recall from retrieve. Work on a strong recall to whistle or voice with reward. Even to the point of blowing your come in whistle every time you set the supper dish down for your dog. I hope you are not in the fire danger area I saw on the news. Good luck with your pup.

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