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Thread: Drone coverage at the national

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    Just to emphasize this is drone footage of the test dogs running.
    This makes much more sense. Sorry, somehow I missed you all were only talking about better drone coverage of test dogs only. I'm still recovering from eight long days away from home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Shih View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    your defense of this clusterfuck is inexcusable.
    Carol (2tall) went to FB to drum up support for her claim, since no one supported her here. Here is the thread. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3554...group_activity
    (Look at the Melanie Foster thread on 11.16.19 at 3:30 pm)

    You will note that no one supported her allegation. In fact, her claim was uniformly rejected - most notably by people who were there.
    Another opinion from someone with no concept of what it is like to run a competitive AA dog, chair a weekend trial, run a dog in a national, or even volunteer at a national. I think that everyone involved was trying to put on the best event possible.

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    I was never seeking “support” here. I entered another conversation to express my feelings on FB as well as here. The only thing the two had in common was the presence and attitude of Melanie.
    And Melanie, if it was me you were referring to that never finished a trial, you would be wrong. My current dog who has been endlessly patient with his green owner/handler has earned 5 jams and an RJ, in spite of me. But my comments are only to express concerns for the participants who have invested so much to expect a fair run. At ANY level.
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    FYI Pat Burns did not attend the NRC 2019 for his own reasons. He is a wonderful addition and was missed. Tina and the committee spent a lot of time finding someone to come out and take the drone photos we had. We finally talked a son into coming out and teaching his father a committee member ( who was already busy) to take drone photos. The news works from dark to dark to bring coverage. The secret handshake is silly.

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    That "rug bitch" comment was a snot bubbler.....excuse me while I get a tissue
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    CA Peake , I know for a fact Pat was asked not to be there over concerns from a retired lawyer and others in the know. Yes he did have knee replacement that he scheduled after the fact he was asked not to be there. Whatever floats the boat but a lot of us armchair quarterbacks sure did miss having his great footage and discussions from the tent. Not taking anything away from Tina and her crew they work very hard and do a good job, but having a professional in the club house sure brings the coverage to another level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Baker View Post
    CA Peake , I know for a fact Pat was asked not to be there over concerns from a retired lawyer and others in the know. Yes he did have knee replacement that he scheduled after the fact he was asked not to be there.
    ​I don't know the particulars, but Pat told me that he was not invited.
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