Last time you laughed at the line?
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Thread: Last time you laughed at the line?

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    Default Last time you laughed at the line?

    A post I just made on another thread reminded me of a story and of what could be a fun topic for us all. When was the last time you laughed under judgment? A very long time ago I used to run a large number of AKC hunt tests as well as my favorite NAHRA Field Tests. Paul Young judges both, as well as a couple other games. So AKC senior hunt test land blind. I am running this older overweight red Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We were about the 700th dog to run. While I may exaggerate the number for effect let's just say there was some dragback, OK? So I bring Gate (dog's name) to line and I wisper to her. "Find the bird" . So I Point my toes at the blind get her on a good sit releaser on back, she takes off like a bat out of hell and lines that blind perfectly! Puts the bird in my hand. I turn to hand it to whomever Paul Young was judging with. I think it was Andy Sontag. But could have Mr. Gould (spelling). Paul, still seated looks up to me and says quietly "nice trail". And I just started to laugh because I was sure nobody had heard me whisper find a bird my que for running trails! But we carried on it may possibly have qualified at that particular test. this was so long ago back when we used to run at the dead Creek wildlife Management area in Addison Vermont.

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    I'm always laughing on the line. For one reason. I enjoy running my dogs and can't really think of a better place to be at that moment in time. of course if the dog, or I, screw up I can think of multiple places where Id rather be. In any event when the game becomes life and death it will be time to find a new game.
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    Laugh at the line? Usually when I'm standing behind the judges watching somebody else run. And I do it very quietly.
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    Awesome topic!!! Will add my best story but not my most recent. I laugh at the line all the time. Most of the things I laugh about are not very memorable or entertaining.

    The time and location was a water blind in the 3rd series of a Q. My luck was to be the first dog to run. Making sure the judges didn't have to wait, I watched test dog from the holding blind with my Rose at heel. Test dog had a tough time with the on and off the scented point. One of our judges stated "This is where the cream will rise to the top". Being a typical southern smart a$$, I couldn't help but put my 2 cents in the mix. I asked "What about the rest of us?". The response was "You won't be here". I laughed and by the grace of God and a good dog made it to the 4th.
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    Anyone who runs HRC under Judge Shawn Shannon will have laughed at the line...
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    Senior Member MooseGooser's Avatar
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    Didn’t laugh when it happened, but understand how others did… J

    A past dog I had, was a handful to run .. She had a horrible sit, would creep, dance ,fart, all the fun as birds were thrown… I was/is a horrible handler.. I was very animated,, I talked, couldn’t stand still, just a side show.. When I handled, I walked as I cast… Usually Big overs, and loud verbal Backs..

    One test, Bailey was overly excited.. Had trouble getting to the line.. There was sarcastic comments coming from judges right out of the gate.. This got me spun up more than usual..

    As the birds were thrown.. the dog was all over the place.. It was a venue where you can talk to the dog… I was basically giving a speech.. Anyways last bird down finally came,, and I sent her… She picked up the triple clean,, but it was one of those tests that the judges used their creative construction techniques with the diversion bird, that made the blind a real challenge to run. I cant remember the specifics now,, I only mention it now to make my post longer and more hard to follow.. But, it made the blind a real challenge..

    I lined her up… the line was an an angle, that took the dog close to where the diversion fell.. It also was down across a side hill, where for a brief moment you lost sight of the dog. You had to wait a bit to see where they emerged.. After I sent, I stood there for what seemed like a week.. Finally,, “Creepy” emerged WAY off line.. I panicked and blew the whistle… I was going to need a HUGE over to get her back on line… I gave the cast,, and walked it as I held my stumpy arm out.. As I walked, I tripped over something, but caught my balance.. There was something that had hold of my leg and boot, as though I was caught in a leg hold trap… I was shakin my leg violently,, but could not free it.. I had stepped into a upright bucket, that was left at the line, for handlers to place birds in… My foot was all the way to the bottom of the 5 gallon pail, with the wire handle wedged against my shin so as to make it impossible to shake it off… I blew another whistle.. I tried several times, as my dog was sitting there totally enjoying the show.. I shook my leg like crazy,, I even reached down to try and take it off.. No success!! I had to buck up and handle with a bucket stuck to my foot…

    Like the champion I am,,, I persevered,,, I got control of myself,, and cast the dog! Another big walking over! The other direction! As I walked,,, I tripped again… I tripped over the bucket that I had to sit on as I ran the test.. As I tripped over it,, it up righted itself, and my udder foot went straight down the middle of it,, lodging in the bottom,, with the wire handle wedged up against my shin,, just like my udder leg… I had Two 5 gallon buckets stuck to my feet… I wasn’t even close to finishing the blind!!! I could not remove either bucket, no matter how hard I tried!! My dog was again sitting there patiently watching the show… I turned to look at the judges to see if they might have some sort of genius that would help me out of the situation… Both were on the ground, out of their chairs laughing… HARD!!! The gallery wasn’t even close to tryin to be quiet as I was tryin to overcome two buckets stuck on my feet..

    I persevered,, and finished the blind!!! But,, AFTER THE HONOR,, and we were excused,, had to walk back past the judges,, and through the gallery with buckets on my feet..
    We passed,,, but I think it was a “Pity Pass”..

    I laugh now,,, but really wasn’t laughing at the line,,, so,, as usual,,, I didn’t follow instructions Ken laid out to the intent of his subject matter… Typical..
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    In a Q last spring we were perfect in the 1st & 2nd series. Due to a piss poor handle, we went out on the water blind, not funny.
    Smoked the 4th series as test dog making me feel even worse. Returning with the last bird, Jake felt the need to do a little Golden prance. He stopped right next to the judges and shook, that was kind of funny.
    "I'm thankful someone stood up to him, even if it was a woman." Franco 10/18/19

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    HA ! Them fluffy Dawgs Carry a lot of water! A former club member had a Lab who on command would "shake on the judges"! And that was always a hoot until the day I happened to be one of the judges.

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    Running Belle in her last HT - an AKC Junior test, as she was on borrowed time at that point. Smacked the flyer and I took delivery and lined her up for the dead bird. She wouldn't look at it! Just kept staring at the flyer station. I figured the duck call and shot would get her to look. NOPE! Handled her to the dead bird, laughing the entire time.

    Wish I had another chance to do that again with her.....-Paul
    there's no good reason to fatten up a retriever.

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    Senior Member David Maddox's Avatar
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    I wasn’t at the line, but standing just behind. My brother Philip’s bitch Sugar pooed on Mr.Tom Sieffen’s foot at the line while running the 3rd series of a Master test. Mr.Tom never flinched. Just asked Phil “how do you plan on getting that off of my boots?”
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