(LA)FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell (Hex) X HRCH Ouachita Ruby QAA-Chocolate available
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Thread: (LA)FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell (Hex) X HRCH Ouachita Ruby QAA-Chocolate available

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    Default (LA)FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell (Hex) X HRCH Ouachita Ruby QAA-Chocolate available

    FC Louisiana Black Magic Spell (Hex) X HRCH Ouachita Ruby QAA (chocolate)

    Hex is on the National Derby List with 26 points and Qualified All Age at 29 months old.
    Won the first open he ran while just 2 years old, Hex also qualified for the 2017 nationals
    while he was still just 2 years old! Field Champion at young age of 3.4 years old! He is an
    excellent marker, great at water work and best of all a great personality. Hex has a focus
    on the line and the ability to know what birds he has picked up and where the next one is.

    Hex Data:

    Nationals: 2017 NRC (5th series)
    2018 NRC
    2019 NRC (7th series)

    AA Points 39.00
    AA Wins 5*
    Am Points 9.50
    AM Wins 1*
    Open Points 29.50
    Open Wins 4*
    Derby Points 26.00
    Derby Wins 2*

    OFA Hips: LR-220804G24M-VPI (Good)
    Eye CERF/CAER: LR-EYE9967/25M-PI
    OFA Elbow: LR-EL72951M24-VPI (Normal)
    CNM: LR-CNM1164/24M-PI (Clear)
    EIC: LR-EIC3402/24M-PI (Clear)
    AKC reg: SR82638905
    AKC DNA: V820648
    Derby Points: 26
    FT Champion Points: 39

    HRCH Ouachita Ruby QAA
    Ruby was set to begin her career as a ‘hunting dog’, both Ruby and her amateur owner started
    training at a local HRC club and she soon gained her ‘HR’ title at ten months old, then came her 'HRCH'
    at around a year and a half old (never failed a finished test). After being hunted during her first two years
    where she picked up in the neighborhood of 1300 ducks, an amateur field trialer moved into the area and
    after seeing promise that she could play the FT game, Ruby and her owner began training for that venue,
    she earned her QAA status last year (after a 4th and 3rd place finish) and is now in All Age training,
    of which she will continue after weaning this litter…56 lbs, she is a great marker, very intelligent,
    has a big motor, and does not know the meaning of quit. Ruby has been 100% amateur trained and

    Ruby has a good 'off' switch when not doing her job, lives in the house, and spends much
    of her free time in her human mother or father’s lap.

    OFA Hips: LR-239690G52F-NOPI(GOOD)
    Eye CERF/CAER: LR-EYE17870/54F-NOPI
    OFA Elbow: LR-EL89205F52-NOPI(NORMAL)
    CNM: Normal (clear)
    EIC: LR-EIC08/75F-PI (normal)
    UKC Reg: R250-427
    AKC reg: SR85197107
    PRA: Normal (clear)
    D LOCUS: Non dilute


    These pups should be able to take whatever route you want to take, from picking up the days limit to
    playing the white coat field trial game.

    hips/elbows genetic stuff guaranteed (26 months)

    PM, text, or call Michael Thomas 318-267-2581

    Chocolate females available -
    Black female available -

    Pups will be 7 weeks old the first week of January

    $1500 -- $200 dollar deposit

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