*****FC Topsailís Good Time Buddy x Long Pondís Tight Knit Henley MH******

FC Topsails Good Time Buddy (Linds North Creek Magnum MH**x CKís Pay Piper MH QAA) Deadgrass Hips-Good Elbows-Normal DM,EIC,PRA, Long Coat clear Bud is the only living male Field Champion in the breed. Outstanding field ability and a pleasant disposition.

Long Pondís Tight Knit Henley MH (Long Ponds Talk the Talk MH x Long Ponds All A Taut O) light Brown. Hips - Excellent Elbows - Normal. DM,EIC, PRA Clear. Henley has qualified for the AKC Master National two consecutive years 2018 and 2019. She has an athletic build and a friendly team player attitude. She is my take anywhere ride in the truck hunt anything dog.

This outstanding breeding should produce exceptional field trial/hunt test prospects and serious gun dogs. A rare out cross in pedigrees for the Chesapeake breed. Puppies ready to go home January 15. Females available.

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