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Thread: Nutri Source Performance dog food

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    Default Nutri Source Performance dog food

    Hello! I am new to this forum so look forward to some good info! I have started my 8 month old pup on Nutri Source Performance dog food, he was previously on Nutri Source large breed puppy as that is what he had from the breeder. My question is how much food does anyone that feeds this food give to there pup? The bag says to feed only around 2-2.5 cups but I was feeding 4 cups with the large breed puppy. He seems to be doing good with the 2.5 cups I have been feeding him but was just looking for others advise. Thanks!

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    There is no one amount fits all. Dogs can vary as far as genetics, amount of activity, season and rate of growth. Feed to what YOUR dog needs. The bag starts you off and adjust from there. You do not want to overfeed but rather adjust to what's just right for your dog. Feed to a hint of a rib.
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