(UT) Started BLM 8 months FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider (Ford) X Little River Dancer Annie MH This is an amazing dog and a great opportunity to get a high talented prospect for field trial and hunt tests. Learns quickly and is very sweet and loving dog that loves attention. Sits to enter/exit doors, kennels, forced fetched, forced to the pile, double T, modified double T with diversion marks and jumping obstacles, starting 3 legged pattern blinds, starting to run 5 legged pattern blinds, starting Bill Hillmann’s Star Pattern, working on doubles/triples. He knows place and runs remote marks returning to place. He is working on the 7 bumper lining drill. He has had an awesome upbringing being born in our home, Neuro Stimulation, and our favorite pick of the litter with lots of special of attention. He sleeps in our room being well behaved. He has been a part of the family, taken to many baseball games with lots of people around, taught to love training, loves children, and good drive. He has that look in his eyes wanting to please and waiting for the next command. Hunted pheasants in North Dakota this year with great improvement finding pheasants and retrieving them by the last day we were there. He has had lots of birds thrown for him ducks/pigeons. $3,500. Call Jenny (801) 592-4168 text or call.