(SC) A Pedigree With A “Golden” Touch
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Thread: (SC) A Pedigree With A “Golden” Touch

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    Default (SC) A Pedigree With A “Golden” Touch

    Windy River Retrievers’ Breeding
    Expected March 2020

    AFC Topbrass Hawks Blackhawk OS “Hawk”
    Windy River’s Smok’n Cedar QFTR “Cedar”
    (FC Firemark Rackem and Stackem Casey OS x FC Bro’s Counterfeit Folly)

    •has Open Win and needs 3 points for FC
    •went 10 series at the 2019 NARC and 8 series at the 2018 NARC
    •is the #2 derby golden in history with 61 points

    •Qual Win CDA at 27 mths
    •Open green CDA at 36 mths
    •Multiple CDA Open Reserves & Greens

    This PEDIGREE will have the “GOLDEN” touch
    This will be only the second time that Hawk has been bred to a bitch that has an FC sire and FC dam.

    Hawk’s clearances


    Hip clearance: OFA GR-112790E24M-VPI
    Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE3467/79M-VPI
    Heart clearance: OFA GR-CA27736/23M/S-VPI
    Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL32947M24-VPI
    Thyroid clearance: OFA GR-TH3716/70M-VPI
    prcd-PRA status: Clear
    PRA1 status: Clear
    PRA2 status: Clear
    Ichthyosis status: Clear by parentage
    NCL status: Carrier

    Cedar’s clearances


    CHIC Number: 137498
    Hip clearance: OFA GR-109817F30F-VPI
    Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE1306/94F-VPI (3/19)
    Heart clearance: OFA GR-ACA3711/93F-VPI
    Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL30235F30-VPI
    prcd-PRA status: Carrier
    PRA1 status: Clear
    PRA2 status: Clear
    Ichthyosis status: Clear
    DM status: Clear
    NCL status: Clear

    WRR would be happy to train and give these puppies the right start for you. We offer Puppy Headstart to National Champion (X2). And we have success with Golden Retrievers!

    Preferences for Field Trial and Hunt Test homes.

    Carey Petersen
    Ph: 843-337-7144
    email: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.windyriverretrievers.com/goldens.html
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