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    My derby dog ripped off a toenail today. No bleeding involved and it's been cleaned , wrapped and giving her antibiotics. How long will she be out of commission 2 months? That will put us out for the rest of the Texas area trials I guess. Best of luck for all of you running . And sorry for the title it should have been Degloved incedent.

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    Senior Member Tobias's Avatar
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    Dang, sorry to hear that! I have never had a dog with a broken off toenail, but I can't imagine it is a quick healing injury.

    Title was misleading... have to say. hahaha!!!! but it made me open the post!
    The way I look at it, every dog is an opportunity to be a better trainer, and every day is a new day to be a better trainer to the same dog we trained yesterday.

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    Rowdy had a similar incident but I don't think it took that long. We had to skip two tests but that was all. Maybe 3-4 weeks. But my memory isn't as good as it used to be.
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    It does take a while for the nail to grow back and is susceptible to further injury during the process. I used Soft Claws Nail Caps on the injured claw to prevent further damage during regrowth.
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    It happened to one of my dogs ... front paw, first medial toenail. Degloved, nail completely pulled off in one piece -- all soft tissue inside the nail remained intact and fully exposed.

    This dog is an intense worker. She acted like nothing happened and was still running around with no sign of bother. I saw drops of blood and traced it to her.

    Happened on a Sunday. Kept her inactive through the week and she was back training the following Saturday. Ran her in hunt test 13 days after injury. She never favored the toe ... my concern was keeping it clean and free from infection.

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    Similar experience as T-Pines. Healed a lot faster than I thought.
    My old boy Speck tore his off training at a reservoir in the UP. He never even whimpered. Bled hard, we cleaned it up, vet wrapped the foot, kept it dry and clean and he was good to go in a couple weeks.

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    Senior Member The Snows's Avatar
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    Same situation here as T-Pines and Ripline ... kept clean and dry ... think we may have also put him on an anti-biotic. Back to normal in a couple of weeks.

    Only evidence that anything had happened was while running the water series at a Finished test. No issue on the marks, but when it was his refusal to run the water blind that had both me and the judges scratching our heads. Found the complete nail in his kennel when I put him up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raygator1 View Post
    It does take a while for the nail to grow back and is susceptible to further injury during the process. I used Soft Claws Nail Caps on the injured claw to prevent further damage during regrowth.
    I've done this too, especially when the nail regrowing has an un-even/jagged end. I would not use these if there is no nail left. Don't want to glue to the tissue. Also used this on a split nail, trimmed as far as possible, but with every step the split is re-opened. Had my dog get her nail caught in the tiny hole on the edge of the 300 gallon Rubbermaid water pool we use in the summer. Sheared it clean off at the skin; nail, tissue everything. Had to bandage her entire foot for two days. Then she was fine, no pain no swelling etc, and the nail regrew normally and I cannot tell which one it was.
    Nate Baxter, DVM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus Ochoa View Post
    How long will she be out of commission 2 months? .
    Pretty dog dependent I have one that never knew her claw was de-gloved, she was down for 3-4 days; because I made her. The quick shrunk up the first day and pretty much healed up in a week. I had another one that took several days to get the quick to shrink back. I will say get out the clippers and look at the remains of the nail. The one that took a long time ended up she had a shard of nail that was still attached; had to pull that and grind it back before there was improvement. Also had a friend with poor eye sight who's dog would develop limping off and on for ~1mt. Pulled out my kit and looked at the nail, completely split had to grind and pull it, My friend almost passed out. She was better in ~ a week. Keep an eye on the nail, and toe even kept cleaned etc. they can develop an infection that can get into the bone, if it doesn't heal as it should. Then you get to go into the vet, have an x-ray get the bone scraped, antibotics etc. something like that will put you out a few months. But a common de-gloving usually isn't that much down time.
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    Thanks for all the encouragement shes not favoring it today and we're going to try to run this Saturday in Ravenna. If I feel its bad enough i will scratch her.

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