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Thread: Afgahnistan Over?

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    Call it what you want.
    The Democrats and Obama said this was his war.

    All I care about is getting out of there.
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    I agree with 'getting out!

    But, what do we say to the loved ones who have lost family members in this war! What about the vets who were wounded and many have life long health issues?...I guess the same thing we said to the vets and families of Iraq wars, Viet Nam, and Korea....

    "When will they ever learn?"

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    We should never have invaded Afghanistan. The Pentagon told W not to invade either Afghanistan or Iraq. Not even Genghis Khan and the Mongul hoard could hold the country. Our CIA armed and trained the Taliban to fight the Russians and we have been fighting the Taliban for almost 20 years. Typical of many years of failed foreign policy in the entire region, trying to keep Russia out of the region's oil fields. Thousands of our soldiers dead for nothing. Two delta force squads had Bin Laden located in a cave less than a mile away. Called in for air strikes and were refused permission to take him out. Search for Bin laden called off in 2005. 6 months later he builds his compound in Pakistan where he was killed by the next administration. The "treaty" includes releasing 5000 Taliban. Have not heard much complaining about this. BO was absolutely toasted for releasing 5. How the winds of time change. Cheney is still counting the millions he made on the Haliburton no bid contracts. Bi-partisan congressional commission concluded in 2010 that Haliburton and associated companies(BKR, etc) got the most contracts and also had the highest rate and total$ of waste and fraud. Not a single contract fulfilled. Same thing in Iraq. A war that should never have happened. The results were predictable. The Shia were 65% of the population, the most radical segment, and democracy put them in total control. W refused to apprehend Zawaharri(sp?) when the CIA told us too. He organized the terrorists that later became ISIS. Not sure how this war can be blamed on Obama but...the first amendment does apply. Spin it any way you like! Gates was W's final defense secretary and stated "why are we still here if we are not looking for Bin Laden"!
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