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Thread: Schumer threatens Supreme Court Justices

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogie1717 View Post
    There needs to be a standard, one that is adhered to absolutley. Sadly, many Americans can't get beyond their own biases to see that one is established, as mngundog alluded to. Some Dems saying "it's hyperbole" is BS. Rhetoric or not, you don't specifically call out two justices. It's not right, it shouldn't be tolerated.
    Remember the months long tirade about " hyperbole?"
    Stan b & Elvis

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    Chuckie has never seen a microphone that he would pass up, but this time I think his sorry ass mouth wrote a check that I hope he chokes on. The vitriol that he and NP have shown since Day 1 has fueled the discourse here in this country and in other parts of the world. I hope I am still around the day that Chuck and Nancy are no longer part of Congress

    There was a conservative pundit years ago..............may have been Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or maybe Rush Limbaugh............that said one of the most dangerous places on Earth, is to be between Chucky Schumer and a microphone because you'll get trampled to death.

    Joe Schimpf

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