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Thread: Drive time

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    Default Drive time

    How much time does it take to get to your favorite dog training place? I have 4-5 go to places. All are over an hour drive one way. The best is an hour and a half. I have always thought that this was normal. Because even the club members that live right next to one of these spots will travel to meet up with folks at the other spots. Heck, when I first started this fun game I used to leave the country to play fetch with my dogs.

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    When I started we went to Elk Park above Butte, MT, about 10 minutes.
    When we moved to the coast I had 15 spots less than 5 miles from our house.
    Now if I wanted to do anything other than basics it's a minimum of 50 miles
    which translates to a lot over an hour with all the industry that has grown here.
    Access to quality water is very precious on this side of the mountains.

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    From 1 to 2 hours. I am so happy to be so close! For a while I was driving 6 hours round trip for 4 hours training! My only complaint now is there is no water useful for drills or basics near me. This is why I have chosen to send current pup to pro for basics.
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    Anywhere between 1 to 2 hours depending on the training.
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    Between 0 and 14hr drive. I have good training places right outside my door part of the year. Cover gets too high in the summer, can get too cold and too much snow in the winter.
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    I am most fortunate.
    I live on the southwest side of Milwaukee.

    I am about 30 minutes away from Bong, the home of endless training opportunities, both water and land.
    Then there is Ottawa Training Grounds as well, but really no water.
    My club (FVRC) has an unbelievable resource with newly installed water, 10 minutes away.
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    I have many places within a short drive. My own grounds are right outside my door. Multiple other grounds within 5 minute drive. The furrhist I go is 35 minute drive.
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    Two hours, 45 minutes, one way, for water, and I am still working full-time. Hunt training will never be more than a secondary dog activity for me for that reason alone. I think availability of suitable grounds is the major impediment for many people. And since they keep making more people and ground is a strictly limited resource, things will not get better.
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    My best spot is 20 mins away technical ponds and plenty of open fields but i have others that range from 30 mins to an hour

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    You guys!
    If my truck warms to operating temperature then I ve gone to far.
    I admire the commitment and dedication cause if I had to drive 2-3 hrs one way to train - well I don’t know if I’d do that.

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