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Thread: MDWFA Legislative update

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    Default MDWFA Legislative update

    Maryland State information, Didn't see regional sections or where else to post this information. Semi political though.

    MDWFAStaffers attended DNR Wildlife and Heritage Concept meeting and theseare the February 2020 bullet points of our recommendations:

    1support of veterans & active duty military to hunt youthwaterfowl days

    2support proposed legislation for migratory game bird hunting onSunday andgave written support of S.B. 238 Sunday Waterfowl Hunting submittedto Sponsor and Senate Committee.

    3expansion of Offshore Zone in certain areas of the Bay

    4Submission of Draft Regulation to define shooting waterfowl at reston land and water

    5opposed restriction of lay-out boats on Susquehanna Flats. MDWFA doesnot favor one legal form of hunting over another.

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    Maryland you say?? Crab cakes & football!!

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    I support all 5 for maryland.

    Vetrans and military members should get a couple more days to shoot ducks!

    I myself have killed thousands of ducks on Sundays, Marylanders should too!

    The offshore zone should be bigger. I have no clue what "the offshore zone" is, but if there are ducks a bro can shoot that are sittin' around outside the current zone......the zone should be bigger!

    Again, i don't know what "reston land and water" is, but if it's got birds, someone should kill them!

    Layout boats should not be restricted anywhere, i used to hunt out of one when i was poor. But they are hard to see and around here you can get run over by a bass fisherman!

    Go Maryland! Pass these laws, you got some catchin' up to do!

    Keep us posted archrob!
    john mccallie

    cornbread and ice tea 's took the place of pills and 90 proof

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