GRHRCH UH Slammers Bullet From Nowhere MH** X HR Yeti On Deck. Sniper is the fourth highest point Chesapeake in the history of the HRC, and one of 11 Chesapeake's with a Grand title. Sniper started his career with Hugh Arthur, and won one Derby, and JAM'd another. He ran two Q's and JAM'd his first one. Sniper phenomenal marker, and ran decent blinds. His line manners were great, and the best part, he would run for anybody. To quote Hugh "Sniper was as hot as any black dog I ever had on my truck". OFA CB-EL1302M26-VPI Normal, Hips CB-8949G26M-VPI Good, CB-DM135/70M-VPI-CAR, EIC clear.

Yeti has her HR title and is one pass from attaining her Finished title. She resides on a pro truck during training season, and will pursue her MH this summer. Distance is one of Yeti's strong suits. Contact me for pro's information, and he can give you more information on Yeti. OFA CB-EL3275F25-NOPI, Hip CB-11532G25F-NOPI, CB-DM2296/3F-NOPI

These puppies should be great overall dogs, with lot's of HT/FT potential.

Contact me for Sniper information and Gail Dawson for puppy information.

Gail Dawson