Pigeons near Hattiesburg Ms
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Thread: Pigeons near Hattiesburg Ms

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    Default Pigeons near Hattiesburg Ms

    I have a pup I need a couple of pigeons for training having a hard time finding any help appreciated

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    Default Pigeons for retriever training Mississippi

    I live in Hattiesburg and looking for pigeons for training my pup willing to drive up to 1.5 hrs ea way any help appreciated.

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    Check Craiglist or elsewhere online. You may be able to get them at a livestock auction. Of course, you can trap them. Success varies. A few years ago, I had a local hospital call me - they had a pigeon problem and were trapping them but they needed somewhere to dispose of them --- for free. I got a bunch that way but the source dried up. Prices at auctions may be ridiculous. At the auction I go to, I've seen them go for $12 each. I won't pay more than $6 and I think that's crazy. From what I heard, the guy who buys most of them at the auction, including the $12 ea, turns around and sells them to a live pigeon shoot in Texas for as much as $20 ea. I used to do live pigeon shoots years ago. Maybe that's part of why you could drop $1500 in a 3 day shoot.
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    There used to be a swap meet or some type of farmers market in Lumberton a few years ago. They usually had pigeons and ducks.

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