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Thread: Initial Lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake McNeese View Post
    Granted, this is the first day in a while I have just run blinds without a marking setup added in a while and I could tell a difference in lack of stress at the line.
    This is good information. Running blinds with marks can add a lot of complexity and stress to training, particularly if the dog is getting into trouble in the marking setup then is asked to run back through the marks on a blind. Depending on the dog, one Ill-timed or vague correction can take awhile to recover from. I think it’s a good idea to run the suggested multiple blinds apart from marks, then introduce them into marking setups again gradually.

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    I think you answered your own question. I would be running more blinds without marks involved until the poor initial line improved.

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    If you can find a long, flat field with few features. 3 pile drill is a great way to get precise initial lines. Start close to the 3 piles and once you are getting all of the blinds lined without a cast, back up. Pretty quickly your dog will run a 100 yard initial line with no issues.
    The 3 piles should be about 14 strides apart. At 100 yards moving the dog from pile to pile is a pretty thin slice. They have the confidence to make the move and move out with purpose because they have the confidence in you to send them to a bird.

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    Process of elimination.

    Run some tight lining drills and see where the holes are in your communication at the line. Check this from both sides if you run blinds off both sides. Are you doing YOUR job?

    Run some simple blinds as Dr. Ed suggested - high degree off success? like 100%?

    Run some more complex blinds without the marks involved - how's it look?

    Run some blind with marks in the field (if you get here without identifying a hole).

    Have to start from the beginning and figure out where the problem actually is before it can be effectively addressed.

    I'd bet there's an obedience problem here that you're missing, but that's just me.
    Darrin Greene

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    Wagon Wheel!

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    Tough with a dog that age.

    2 scenarios I would do one the dog has run hundreds of cold blinds and understands what he is suppose to do and is simply being disobedient. If that’s the case walk up to the line show him where u want him to go and send him. If he flares and gives u a bs line stop him call him back heel firm knick heel put ur hand down and send him no matter where he’s looking. He gives u another BS line “no here” call him back to u heel firmer knick heel. Do it all the way to the blind until he gives u a reasonable line. Don’t be too critical of the line within a 25 degrees field is acceptable. Make sure u don’t spend a lot of time with the dog trying to tweak him. Walk up there line his shoulders and butt up and send him. The more u try to mess with him the worse it’ll get.


    Like 20 to 30 bumpers up in a straight line Roughly 100 yds long. back off the line about 200 yds. The line of bumpers should run perpendicular to the running line. Walk up to the line and send the dog let him go he’ll eventually run into one of the bumpers u set. This will dramatically improve his confidence. Same as before line his shoulders and butt up to the middle of ur line and send him. Don’t waste any time on the line get him outta there.

    Stay calm don’t raise ur voice

    Good Luck


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