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Thread: Finished test

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    Default Finished test

    Can someone tell me exactly what the judges are looking for in a finished test Blind. I've heard challenge the line or the blind. I've heard finished Judges don't like angle backs. They prefer overs and backs. When you do and over should you cross the line? Also is it best to sit your dog next to the bird to show control? Any help and advice would be appreciated!
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    Challenge the line to the blind. The judges are looking for the dog to be under control(sits promptly on the whistle, takes casts as given), handle all the way to the blind(ie: don't let them hunt). The judges are definitely not looking for overs. When you stop the dog, give the cast to take them to the blind. If you're having to give an over, you're usually in trouble.
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    One of the terms that came up a lot at the judges seminar I attended was "recovery". If your dog gets in trouble, can you and the dog recover? For example, say you have a down the shore blind. The dog bails and gets out. You promptly stop them (on land), and cast them back into the water, and back on line to the bird. That is recovery.

    Don't worry about angle backs, overs or straight backs at a test. Give the cast that gets you to the bird. The judges are watching your dog make (or not) progress to the bird. If the dog makes progress, good. If not, bad. I never had a judge criticize my cast, just the work that my dog did.

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    got to be careful scoring "overs". Some people still use traditional casting, and an over designed to get the dog back to the line should be considered as improving the line. I wont score it as a cast refusal. This assumes the dog is in recoverable territory to begin with. A handler using an over to bring the dog back from the adjacent zip code is likely out before he or she got around to giving the over cast
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    If you could download a copy of the judges seminar (old one) there is a slide dedicated to this. Basically HRC judges; judge progress to the blind or progress to the line of the blind. So you have 2 options if you are casting towards the blind you very well might use 45's; there is nothing in HRC that discourages there use. The other option is to cast toward the line of the blind, this can be accomplished with only overs and backs. Judges grade improvement; staying with-in a corridor and team work. A good HRC blind should be challenging but should also have room for recovery, if the dog get out of corridor also discussed in the seminar. Cast refusals, whistle refusals are the same in all venues
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