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Thread: computer nerds (OT)

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    I don't like to spend much money on software, especially since I just bought this lap top and I think it should have came with a full version instead of a trial version. Anyway, Wal-Mart sells "Defender Pro" it is good and cheap.

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    Well all I can say is this...I've had AVG on my computer for the past 4 years. My computer is online 24/7 and I've never had any virus issues and it auto updates every night at 3AM. Last update was on 3/20
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    Avast has worked well for me for years.
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    i dont have any virus scanner on my computer atm and have never had a virus. im just careful about what i do and don't click on stupid stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by eildydar View Post
    i dont have any virus scanner on my computer atm and have never had a virus. im just careful about what i do and don't click on stupid stuff
    You don't have any viruses that you know of!
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    Who is your IP with. Most give you free ant-virus and firewall. Att and roadrunner do.
    Goodluck, I commend those who dont get viruses and other computer bugs. Keep in mind it is that thinking that gets u in trouble. All it take is one time to bug u and your out lots of money to undo.

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    I wanted to check before I contradicted anyone, but AVG has a new version 7.5. This version updates automatically and works great. It is free. Go to CNET, click on downloads and search AVG free. The free version may be somewhat difficult to locate, but it is there. I too have used AVG for over 4 years with no problems.

    I just bought a new laptop and I uninstalled the free 30 day trial of Norton and put AVG on.

    Adaware is a free spyware remover. It too has a new version, the old one does not update. Do a search for Lavasoft adaware 2007.

    A third program that I use is spybot search and destroy. free spyware, trojan, and browser hijacker remover.

    I experienced major trojan and virus problems before I started using these programs. Since I started using these three no problems in 4-5 years and all are free.

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