To all RTF users,

I'm sure you all know that the classifieds are for the benefit of all of you. I'm sure you all know that the commitments between buyer and seller are to be adhered to with integrity.

I personally do not wish to become involved in the middle of any transactions and will work diligently to remain out of them. RTF is merely the venue through which this free service exists. The transactions are to be managed by the individual parties entering into the agreement.

Here are some hints: If you receive any payments that are fishy, or if anything happens that is outside of the arrangements agreed-to, please do not go to the bank and deposit these payments. Please communicate immediately with your buyer and return these checks and cancel the transaction.

If you suspect fraud, nigerian scams, etc. do not hesitate to report these activities to the appropriate authorities.

Please, if you have commitments and communicate to the other party that you will respond with certain actions, follow through on these actions. Even IF the other party has been fraudulent, if you do not follow through on your commitments to action, you are equally guilty.

RTF reserves the right to block future use by registered users if they fail to use the classifieds with integrity.

Sincere thanks,

Chris Atkinson