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Thread: Scratch Policy

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    Default Scratch Policy

    Just wanted to see what others out there whom belong to AKC clubs are seeing for scratch policies. I know it is "common place" for money to be refunded where the bitch is in heat/injured. but how about a handlers misfortune? Is this taken into consideration? Or is the entry fee to be classified as a donation to a good cause?
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    I have had my entries refunded when taken ill. In most cases a note from your doctor would be required. I suspect that there are other reasons that would also qualify on a case by case basis.

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    Having been a hunt secretary more than once, I seldom refund money because someone is intimidated with a certain level and doesn't want to run because they bombed last week, or something came up which conflicted with the test date. The last refund I gave to a handler was to a county sheriff detective who wound up working the missing girl case in Monroe County Michigan. He worked 18 hours that day on the investigation and looked like death warmed over the next day.
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    Go to the EE website and click on any event's premium. That will show you how different clubs handle their scratches.

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    Could a handler, who is also a Vet, scratch themselves?
    If so who would be able to double check if the dog was in heat or had a last minute training issue or Great Aunt Mergitroit’s surprise visit from Belvedere?

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