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Thread: Average cost of a C-section

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    Wow! Everybody has to make a living, but gee whiz! I know a vet in Rushford, MN. He's an all around vet who will see a farm dog that needs surgery. Farmers often won't pay what the going rate is so I've been told he'll do a $1200 (at other clinics) surgery that he will normally charge $500-$700 for, but if they won't pay that, he'll say, well, will you do it for $250? Just because he wants to help the animal. To actually say euthanasia is the other option, I'd say it is fair to spread the word wide and far -would you please share with us where you had this experience?
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    I had a girl in whelp that was not progressing last year. We took her to the emergency vet and as I was about to sign the estimate for $2000 for the c-section, she managed to squeeze the pup out. I was never so happy! My regular vet charges about $1400 for a c-section.

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    15 months ago my girl had an emergency c-section, after hours (just after closing) done by my regular vet. We had three vet techs and two vets doing the procedure. The charge was a bit less than $400.00, if I'm remembering correctly.

    Can I tell you how much I love my vet?

    I'm shocked at the comment about euthanasia, and at the $3000.00 price tag for a section. I believe I would be contacting my state veterinary board on that one, as well as spreading the news far and wide to any and all dog owners that I know.

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    After reg hours went to Emergency Vet clinic for the one remaining puppy. total charge for meds given to the dam, xrays, and the C section $1800. Vet and team did not spay bitch, felt the hormone level would be best if not spayed at that time. This was almost 2 years ago. I knew I would worry about this 5th pup so he stayed here with us. He is fine and doing well. his dam is also. Money well spent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Potter View Post
    The last one I had was $500.

    And then there was this one. Of course, it was Friday night...and since the emergency clinic opened an hour away, none of the local vets do any emergency work. So..off we go. Keep in mind, this emergency clinic is simply a regular vet clinic that is open during off hours. No specialists, no out of the ordinary equipment. And they expect payment when you walk in the door, up front, before they will do anything.

    Simple C-section, cost was $3000. And when my jaw dropped and I said What?? the vet said, well, your other option is euthansia.

    I am sorry but how is that not price gouging? I understand they have extra overhead and what not, but to charge 6 times what you paid in the same area to hire an associate vet to stay up at night.....

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    $3000-4000 is pretty much the base cost for an uncomplicated c-section at most of the after-hours emergency clinics here! Thankfully I have not yet needed a c-section on any of my bitches, and if I did the clinic I would be dealing with would charge me half that (which is still too much for my bank account) damn big city prices

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