Cloning a Champion Just Happened
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Thread: Cloning a Champion Just Happened

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    Default Cloning a Champion Just Happened

    While I was visiting Iowa last week this big news barely got any notice. Several people have mentioned cloning certain dogs? How about this Champion?

    Iowa grand champion steer was clone of 2008 champ
    August 25, 2010 by Ken Anderson
    Filed under Events/Organizations, Livestock, News
    4-H livestock competitions have had their share of controversies over the years. Now 4-H officials have a potential new issue to deal with.

    DTN reports that the 2010 Iowa grand champion steer was a clone of the animal that won the same event in 2008. The crossbred steer was shown by Tyler Faber of Sioux Center, Iowa. According to the DTN report, Faber’s father, David Faber, is president of Trans Ova, a livestock production company in Sioux Center. The cloned steer was produced by Bovance, a joint venture between Trans Ova and the cloning firm ViaGen.

    Iowa 4-H livestock superintendent Mike Anderson says show officials found out the animal was cloned on Friday, after the steer had won the grand champion award two days earlier. Anderson says 4-H has no rule preventing clones from being shown—and he doesn’t think 4-H would create a rule on cloning because there’s no way for them to determine whether an animal is a clone.

    According to the DTN report, livestock shows have not addressed issues with cloned cattle or hogs, but the status of clones is an issue in the horse industry. Thoroughbred and quarter horse racing associations have bans on cloned animals.

    By the way, the joint venture firm, Bovance, also paid the record 45-thousand dollar winning auction bid at the Iowa State Fair’s sale of champions to ensure the company would get to keep the cloned steer. A Bovance spokesman said the company bought the steer to keep in place the voluntary industry measure against meat from cloned animals going into the food supply for the general public.
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    Interesting. I know I was surprised that some pet insurance companies wont cover cloned animals. It was specifically mentioned.

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    Cloning stock isn't new. My customer and friend has 8 clones of his bull Dr. Proctor. Chumley and Long Cattle Company. Not sure about competition, but I don't think the clones have a bucking record yet
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    Kristie Wilder


    Well, at least you know their judging is consistent!!! LOL

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    The Iowa junior fair steer show is a terminal show there is no way they could have bought that steer alive. If this is true That gentleman should be banned from showing, thats just not right. JUST MY OPINION.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles C. View Post
    I want a copy of Lottie, please.
    And you have the skill and recourses to replicate the training????


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    And you have the skill and recourses to replicate the training????

    Hey, I've seen those Mark Lardy tapes ... I could at least make her a senior hunter.

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    I think its 15 or 20K to clone a bovine. Now Doctor Faber since he is the President might be able to do it a bit cheaper It a very common practice in the show cattle world. A lot of donor cows (i.e. females) are cloned. And with the money in the bucking bulls one would think that is would be the same game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristie Wilder View Post
    Well, at least you know their judging is consistent!!! LOL
    Good one!

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