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Thread: PRA testing for Labs

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    Fourleaf's Valedictorian - PRA clear
    The way I look at it, every dog is an opportunity to be a better trainer, and every day is a new day to be a better trainer to the same dog we trained yesterday.

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    Maximum Intensity's Overwatch QAA is clear through Paw Prints of PRA/OCD/ RD
    Maximum Intensity's Overwatch QAA, aka Sniper (AFC Ten Bear's Road Trip X Field of Dreams Destination Anywhere QAA)
    Ptarmigan Anything for Selenas, aka Rosie (OGF Woodrow QA2 X Bally's Savin' for a Rainy Day QA2 MH)
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    If you are standing exactly on the South Pole and fart, it can only go up or north.

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    Hello WRL, for getting detailed information about PRA i suggest you to view yourSilverLab dot com. I hope you will find sufficient info. thanks

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    "I'm thankful someone stood up to him, even if it was a woman." Franco 10/18/19

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    According to people who have experience raising dogs, puppies under 2 months old still depend heavily on the mother. If the flock is too early, it will be difficult to take care of them. You should buy puppies over 2 months of age are agile and active. Puppies at this age will be easier to keep and stable.

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