The Plan for Gunny
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Thread: The Plan for Gunny

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    Default The Plan for Gunny

    After a few weeks of the “unknown”, X-rays have clearly identified that Gunny has HD. His left hip is much worse than the right. As always, my process of how to deal with “issues” revolves around making it a learning experience rather than a “pity party”. Therefore, with the same rationale that KwickLabs website was based on, the chronology of Gunny’s “run with HD” (pun intended) will be recorded. This history may prove useful to others and certainly help to maintain the proper focus - a dog needs a job. The links below appeared at the time Gunny’s lameness appeared.

    The journal of his progress will now begin.

    It’s June 16, 2011. Gunny just turned four this month. For several months, I’ve been trying to sell my small, fiberglass duck boat. It is a Carsten Bluebill. Having zero buyers turned out to be a good thing.

    Gunny’s primary training will revolve around frequent swimming. There is a small state park lake nearby where the Bluebill can be easily launched. Gunny and one of the pack will be "water roading" together……a lot. The three other dogs – Taffey, Kooly and Daisy will take turns keeping Gunny company. Since Taffey is almost eleven years old, she will take more turns than the other two. However, it will be a great deal of fun for all. I can use the exercise, too. Starting next winter, Gunny will get his swimming exercise in our indoor swimming pool. We’ve never let a dog swim in it before, but he will become the exception.

    Since all my dogs are kept “lean and mean”, Gunny has no weight problem. In fact, this may be why his issue did not show up earlier. He has trained hard and passed eight straight hunt tests. In addition, my guess is this recent display of lameness was more of a sudden overload injury on his structural weakness rather than a chronic deterioration. We shall soon see. He is no longer on Rimadyl and not limping at all. In a few days, he will start taking Dasuquin (shipped today). Whatever helps will be the choice.

    After swimming for about a week, Gunny’s retriever training will be every other day (or whatever he can handle). Swimming will be his “buffer day”. Most all his sessions will be shortened up with only one day a week on longer “stuff”. Water training will be in a 2:1 ratio. Drills and/or maintenance will be short, sweet and right to the point. This is all guess work “in the moment” because he will let me know what is realistic.

    A small ramp will be built to reduce getting in and out of the van to a simpler process. He has zero problems now, but every single challenge to his hips that is not specifically related to training will be minimized.

    This is the preliminary plan which surely will be modified as we move along. Since my website is down with Front Page extension issues, the page will not be available for awhile.

    Recent history and related RTF threads:
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    Jim Boyer

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    I wish you and Gunny the best of luck. How blessed he is to have you!

    Keep swimming.....

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    Best of Luck. I, for one, have gained a tremendous amount of insight from your journals and postings. I'm sorry that you and Gunny are having to go through this but I think he is in great hands!


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    Dasequin and Cosequin are great products. They have helped my older dog overcome some issues. And good luck.
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    He couldn't be in better hands....sorry about the diagnosis, but you and he will get it worked out so he is happy and as comfortable as he can be. Best of luck with it!
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck with Gunny. You're a damn smart handler and Gunny is lucky to have you as his owner.
    Mike Boufford

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    Sounds like a good plan. All the best of luck with Gunny. Have you thought of Yucca or MSM? They are both a natural pain killer of sorts and work very well with gluocasime and chondrotin. Just a thought!
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    Good luck, Jim. Thanks for including us on your and Gunny's journey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkinMissouri View Post
    Best of Luck. I, for one, have gained a tremendous amount of insight from your journals and postings. I'm sorry that you and Gunny are having to go through this but I think he is in great hands!
    I agree x2
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