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Thread: dog vest??

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    Junior Member mitchmc's Avatar
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    Feb 2010


    cabelas is the only way to. the armourflex is very tuff and the velcro is easy and fast especially in the dark! seems to fit my big guy very well....

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    Moderator Renee P.'s Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Salt Lake City


    I got a pup that looks built like a greyhound. The specs on the Dokken look like a better fit. Anyone tried them?

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    Senior Member steve hoppas's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Dripping Springs, TX


    Zippers are a must

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    Senior Member Chris Atkinson's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Macon, IL


    Brandon, in the end, it is about fit.

    If you have one dog, and he's full-grown and not showing a bunch of weight swing, you get it dialed in and go.

    I have an Avery Boater's that I got for Bus.

    In our neck of the woods, the best way, although not efficient, is to order a few in and pick the one that fits best, return the rest.

    Stihl will fit into something. That's the good news....there are lots on the market.

    If you were fitting multiple dogs, this wide velcro thing becomes much more important.

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    I have a Avery and like it very much!

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    Oct 2009
    Roswell, Ga


    The Avery boaters parka works best on my girls.
    I hunt Arkansas timber,reservior and fields.
    Zipper is a must with velcro over top.
    Easy to trim with scissors if needed.
    Love the handles on the back.

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    Senior Member Rich Martin's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Jonesville, Michigan


    I have a Cabela's vest and like it, I picked mine up in the bargin cave for $15.00.

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    Senior Member Hunt'EmUp's Avatar
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    Sep 2010


    Bought an Avery, I live in CA, not real cold, but I primarily use it to keep the water off me, when the dog comes in and out of the boat, works real good for that. No shake-shake drenching. The complaints I have are you have to fit it your-self and that's not the easiest thing, I still get rub marks if we do any major running. Also it came with a handle designed to aid the dog out of the water into the boat, but that ripped off the second time out, and I do miss that handle

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    Senior Member Rick Hall's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Klondike, LA


    Finally had the sense to save a post I've made on fitting vests, so here it is:

    Getting an off-the-shelf vest that actually fits your dog correctly (snug everywhere, but not tight anywhere) would be a remarkable fluke. Even with a design like Cabela's wide Velcro fastener that affords an inch or two of adjustability zippers don't, the vest won't be fully functional without tailoring.

    The drill is to buy the correct chest size and break out a marking pen, straight edge, scissors and a can of "neoprene cement," like Block Surf (not Aquaseal or Goop or any other substitute), and go to work.

    With the vest on the dog, pinch out the excess material and mark both sides where the pinched material meets and the tip of the triangle the pinch creates.

    Take the vest off the dog, and using the straightedge, draw lines from each "pinch" mark to the "tip" mark, which will create the triangular "dart" that needs removed with your scissors.

    Having removed the darts of excess material, you're ready to close the gaps they created. This is where using neoprene cement, which melts the neoprene edges and essentially welds them together quickly enough that it's no strain to hold them together while it works pays off. Other types of adhesives will require stitching to hold the new seam edges together while they dry and perhaps even for support. I have never had an unstitched neoprene cement seam separate.

    You'll also likely need to remove some material that will otherwise chaff Pup's arm pits and an opening around a male dog's penis. Don't worry about cutting beyond the bar tacking on a vest's stitched seams, as on a properly made vest the stitching is really just eyewash for buyers, rather than necessary.

    May sound complicated, but it took me longer to type that than it would have to properly tailor a vest.
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    Member andrewschlueter's Avatar
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    I use one every time I hunt. Someone told me once to take a picture of it brand new and then take a picture at the end of the season. Compare the pictures and you will be shocked on how many punctures and rips there are in it. It does serve a purpose to keep the dog warm, but I use mine to cut down on the vet calls from barbed wire, corn stalks, sharp sticks and anything else that the little guy can get into.
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