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  1. Retriever Tune-Up Drills

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    A tune-up drill is a series of land or water blinds run on successive days. In this podcast, we focus on Tune Up Drills: Tune-up drills can be useful for at least 4 reasons: 1) They get your retriever comfortable with multiple blinds...
  2. No Cheating! DVD

    Product Review
    Released in 2009, Smartworks "No Cheating!" This DVD focuses on teaching retrievers to hold a not run the shoreline, do not flare an obstacle, etc. What is Cheating? A retriever's route diverted from the linear route by one or more factor, 1) Diagonal factors (road, shoreline, cover)...
  3. The Art and Science of Handling Retrievers

    Product Review
    Although published over a decade ago, I still find this DVD/booklet useful after many views. This DVD is not about retriever training. It is about handling retrievers from the holding blind to the line, and at the line on marks and blinds. Rorem describes this as a program that will make you a...
  4. Sit whistle duration

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    Most young retrievers have sensitive hearing. There is no need to use the same volume at 20 yards as at 200 yards. Rorem for example recommends trying to use the volume that will sound similar to the retriever up close as far away. I like to use a soft,chirp for minor line corrections up close...
  5. Casting help and Mouthy pup

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Beginner here: I wish I would have started my 6-7month old lab on casting sooner. Trying to teach the "place" command with a dog cot and sending her after bumpers from there. Any tips on how to get her started or easier ways to teach her. I've ordered Lardy's program but won't be getting it...