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chocolate lab

  1. Gun shy?

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    Today we took our 16 week old chocolate lab dove hunting with us. Let me start out by saying we have previously had him around .22 rifle gun fire and he was not phased at all. This morning was a complete different story. As the first couple of dove came overhead my boyfriend fired. Our pup...
  2. (NJ) Chocolate Lab For Stud

    Classifieds - Stud Service (wanted or for stud)
    Chocolate Lab for Stud in NJ. Full papers with great (Champion) blood line. Looking to obtain first pick as Stud Fee. Please feel free to call or text 848 nine nine two 0990 Or email. akbrouwer at gmail dot com. -Allen Here is his papers: His father (if you go back just one more...
  3. Arnold's Burly Skid Mark QA2 Chocolate Lab for Stud (CA), (OR), (MT)

    Classifieds - Stud Service (wanted or for stud)
    Arnold's Burly Skid Mark QA2 is a Chocolate labrador at Stud. Skid is completely amateur trained and handled. Skid has a long list of accomplishments! He is a great marking dog with a lot of style! Skid is on the Derby list with 10 points. Skid is 3 years old and has 1/2 point towards his AFC...
  4. (AR)HRCH Breeze Hill's Blazin' Blue Roux "Case" Chocolate Stud - LR

    Classifieds - Stud Service (wanted or for stud)
    Case is a long, lean boy that has tons of heart. He receives tons of compliments when we are at hunt tests on his looks. His dark chocolate coat shows off his build whenever he is working. He has plenty of drive and is extremely trainable. Case has plans to work towards running master tests in...
  5. Chocolate Stud Dog HRCH JH

    Classifieds - Stud Service (wanted or for stud)
    (IN) HRCH JH Choc Stud Available HRCH Tuck Gets The Duck JH "Tucker" at stud to approved females. Dark chocolate. 70 lbs (Smaller male). Very muscular & handsome. Great temperament, very friendly towards people & dogs. Always eager too learn and likes too have fun while doing so. Great...