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  1. Real Estate Classifieds
    40 ACRES of professionally designed property FOR SALE. Excellent and unique property for training dogs. Features: Swim-by Pond 2 Technical Ponds Handling Mounds Open Ground with Elevation Changes Bird Pens Duck Blinds Year-round Use Tower Well Located within 1 hour of West Palm Beach...
  2. General Retriever Training Forum
    Check out my little buddy Mojo. He was paralyzed in a car accident last fall and has been in physical therapy ever since. We're helping his owner learn to do his PT at home. He's a courageous little guy and his parents are incredibly dedicated to his rehab.
  3. General Retriever Training Forum
    Here is a video I usually share with newbie retriever trainers just starting out (In my opinion Susan Garrett is the "Mike Lardy of agility trainers", although agility training is a totally different culture compared to retriever training) Still I...
  4. General Retriever Training Forum
    I will be purchasing a new lab pup. With the pedigree of this dog, I am very interested in running trials with it and potentially breeding it should it develop into the dog I want it to become. I have zero experience in training for trials, let alone doing trials, I want to find a GOOD...
  5. General Retriever Training Forum
    Just got my new pup and wanting to start watching some videos on training him. I have water dog now but was going to see if there is any new ones out with better training material or any that are better then it. I have been looking at the avery dvds but wasnt for sure about them i couldnt find...
1-5 of 10 Results