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  1. General Retriever Training Forum
    A cold burn is an e-collar correction that is not preceded by a command. Examples of cold burns might be burning a dog to train the dog to avoid rattlesnakes, porcupines, or counter-surfing. The dog develops "superstitious behavior" and avoids the rattlesnake, porcupine, counter top, etc. Most...
  2. Product Review
    In 2011, I ordered a Tri-Tronics E-collar (model Field 90 G3 Expandable) from Gun Dog Supply. One year later, I ordered a second receiver. I used the second receiver (orange strap) pretty much everyday with my 5 year-old Lab and never had any issues. This past year, I started using the older...
  3. General Retriever Training Forum
    I started force breaking my retriever about a month ago. The results have been positive and I have had no issues thus far. He has been on an e collar for the last year and I have only had positive effects. However, I have not used the continuous mode until now. As far as force fetching, it is...
1-3 of 5 Results