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  1. Holding Blind Routine

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    Holding blind routine by pro trainer Gary Abbott: I also like pro trainer Dave Rorem's DVD where he has an entire chapter "Holding Blind Dynamics"
  2. GRCA All Breed Field Trial NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES - Closes 3/18/13

    Event Information
    Due to some confusion with the application fee and event number with:confused: AKC I have just been able to finalize this event! Please spread the word that we can take entries now.
  3. (ME) AFC FTCH AFTCH Tag - You're IT MH

    Classifieds - Stud Service (wanted or for stud)
    At stud by AI only. Frozen semen available. 3 Amateur WINS in US One of the Top Ten Amateur Dogs in Canada in 2007 Born 6/3/01, large, blocky 80 pound male AKC# SN855098/06 OFA EXCELLENT LR-134699E24M-PI Elbows Normal LR-EL19798M24-PI CERF# LR-34006/2007-74 DNA Profile # V285119 CNM...