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    Bill Hillmann: Training a Retriever Puppy (revised edition) $100 shipped (I have 2 for sale.) Bill Hillmann: The art and science of raising a puppy $75 shipped (Sold) Mike Lardy: Total Retriever Training 4 disc set (1st edition) $95 shipped Original copies in very good shape. Paypal...
  2. RTF - Retriever Training Forum On this video... was wondering if the ecollar stim he is applying should be simultaneous with SIT or do you say SIT, then nick immediately after? Does it matter?
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    So I've started with the Hillmann puppy program, it's worked ok so far but now my pup is just excitable and almost obsessed (not in a good way, crying and squealing because she wants it so bad) with the bumper. I feel she would've had this crazy desire without me adding fuel to the fire, so to...