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  1. Practice, Patience, putting it all together

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    Hello all, I am writing this while reminding myself that every dog is different, that I need patience with teaching, and that practice is essential. I also know that a timetable should not be paired with training. That said I feel like my 9 month old pup is beginning to put it all together. At...
  2. Water training

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hi. First of all, thanks for a really good forum with alot of experienced trainers and handlers. If my english is abit off I apologize this - I'm Norwegian.. ;) I have a question conserning training in water. My dog (17 months) is a "retrieving maniac". He absolutly loves it! The problem is...
  3. Handle on Head Shaking

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    6-7 month old pup. Very slowly getting into a hold with sit, still needs guidance to keep it in her mouth. I do need some advice on stopping her from shaking the bajeezus out of everything she retrieves! I've tried the Dokken but that ends up hurting me when the rope slaps my leg. Are there any...
  4. Bringing Bumper to Sit?

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    My 5 month old pup is very very mouthy and excited with her bumpers, chewing, throwing in the air, shaking it. I would love suggestions on how to get her started to hold and bring it in on sit. She will hold sometimes but if I tell her to sit, she'll drop the bumper, sit and just stare at it. I...
  5. Teaching Pups HOLD

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Any advice on how to make this go a little smoother. Been working with my 5 month old pup for about 2 weeks on Hold and she hates it. I've been following Hillmanns. Tried a soft plastic bumper, a Chuck It, a tennis ball bumper, canvas... A bunch of different ones to see what would be easier to...