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  1. (CO) Dog Kennel Runs for sale

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    Kennel runs for sale. $250 per run. We have 9 runs measuring 8' x 4’ x 6’. Buy all or in sets of 3, 6 or 9. We also have 15 runs measuring 7' x 4' x 6'. We are selling these in sets of 2, 3 or 5. All are made with sturdy 1 and 1/4-inch chain link fencing. The kennels come apart for...
  2. Reputable Dog Boarding Near Charlottesville, VA

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hi, My brother is getting married in Charlottesville, VA, in May. My husband and I are going down for about a week and wanted to do some backpacking/camping/hiking with our dogs after the wedding. Both dogs are very high energy field Labs and need plenty of exercise (they are good with other...
  3. Need advice on lab breeders

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hello I'm in the market for a yellow lab female I need a dog that is high octane and ready to go, one that will make a great family pet as well. I'm not sure but would like to possibly consider run field test and get her titled. Which breeders in nc, va, ga is too line. I would like to keep it...
  4. Field Dog Trailers & Kennels

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Does any one know anything about Field Dog Trailers & Kennels in Sioux Falls, SD? I was talking to them regarding a new slide in box but they seemed to have dropped off the radar screen? It looks like they exhibited at a few outdoor shows in that area mid-year (based on their FB page) but I...