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line manners

  1. Holding Blind Routine

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    Holding blind routine by pro trainer Gary Abbott: I also like pro trainer Dave Rorem's DVD where he has an entire chapter "Holding Blind Dynamics"
  2. Ten Tips of Slowing Down

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    Ten tips on slowing down you and your retriever:
  3. The Art and Science of Handling Retrievers

    Product Review
    Although published over a decade ago, I still find this DVD/booklet useful after many views. This DVD is not about retriever training. It is about handling retrievers from the holding blind to the line, and at the line on marks and blinds. Rorem describes this as a program that will make you a...
  4. Holding blind to the line: triggers to disobedience

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    Often there is a specific trigger to disobedience either in the holding blind or walking to the line. For some retrievers, the first trigger is removing the collar the instant the dog hears "Guns Up!. Instead, remove a slip lead as the running dog is returning with the last bird. Maintain eye...
  5. NEED IDEAS 18mo old lab forgets line manners on test day

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    Im training my first dog. Things are going well we got our JH 4 f 4, and have been working real hard(using fowl dawgs, what was avalible to me) on our pattern blinds and swim buy. I decided to run my first NAHRA intermediate test(1st test where she had to heel off lead) and we did alright got...