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  1. Training
    Does anybody know someone who can give me some pointers on training my GSP I’ve just recently purchased him and have been toying with the idea of getting into bird hunting
  2. General Retriever Training Forum
    I'm new to dog training, and I got my first dog of my own last week, she's an 8 week old chocolate lab. I don't know exactly what gear to start off with for training her. I'd like to train her to retrieve pheasant's, dove's, quail, and duck's. Also train her to point. She's a very intelligent...
  3. General Retriever Training Forum
    I own a 14 month old Lab Colley mix. She got more of the Lab than Colley and I am thinking about trying to train her to be a duck retriever. I have taken her when i go out shooting and when something hits the water she will retrieve it ( as lons as she see's the splash). I can sometimes guide...
1-3 of 3 Results