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  1. Holding blind to the line: triggers to disobedience

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    Often there is a specific trigger to disobedience either in the holding blind or walking to the line. For some retrievers, the first trigger is removing the collar the instant the dog hears "Guns Up!. Instead, remove a slip lead as the running dog is returning with the last bird. Maintain eye...
  2. Whining and Control Issues

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    I am the new guy here, and have a random question for you all. I have a 9 month old Pup. I have had him since the 7 week mark. He is not my first pup. I have been training for about 8 years now. (both my labs and helping friends.) I feel like I am at a cross roads of sorts and would love...
  3. Questions about FF and OB

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    So I've posted a bit about my 7 month old pup who just loves to mouth her bumpers and I had some questions about FF regarding this issue. I won't be starting FF or hold for a while until I get her really solid on her obedience. my question is, should I keep retrieves to a minimum in the time...
  4. Teaching Pups HOLD

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    Any advice on how to make this go a little smoother. Been working with my 5 month old pup for about 2 weeks on Hold and she hates it. I've been following Hillmanns. Tried a soft plastic bumper, a Chuck It, a tennis ball bumper, canvas... A bunch of different ones to see what would be easier to...
  5. Sit on Whistle

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    I am fairly new to the retriever world. Very avid hunter and have a dog who is up to par on everything on the beginner level. He is ready for hand signals but first he needs to be great on "sitting on the whistle". What are some drills and things I can do for him to grasp the idea? Any and all...
  6. E collar transition to force fetch

    RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    I started force breaking my retriever about a month ago. The results have been positive and I have had no issues thus far. He has been on an e collar for the last year and I have only had positive effects. However, I have not used the continuous mode until now. As far as force fetching, it is...