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    I borrowed 2 pigeons and taped their wings with non-sticky painter tape. I used them 2x each, one each day. Dog didn't like picking up pigeons. Neighbor came to my house (invited) and saw empty cage (lg wire dog crate) and a several feathers on floor (pigeons had been returned to person who...
  2. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hi, I'm new to the site. Thanks admin for helping me get my account activated. here goes, I have two very nice lab puppies and they are of an age to be introduced to pigeons. So I am building a small loft. I actually wanted to keep a few pigeons anyways. I live in town on a city lot in rural...
  3. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hey everyone. I've been lurking for a few days but after some searching I haven't seen anyone post the following question. (unless I just missed it) I live in Shreveport, LA (NW Louisiana). I will be getting a new pup in June and I'm looking for someone who can direct me to pigeons. I'll...
1-3 of 3 Results