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  1. Stud Service (Wanted or For Stud)
    1.5XGMPR OGF Woodrow MH QA2 was the top chocolate derby dog in 2015 with 24 points. He earned his MH and QA2 at 2. He also passed the 2018 MAm, qualified for 2019, and earned his 1.5GMPR with no fails. Woodrow comes from one of the top chocolate lines (BurkexAbbie) as grandson of FC AFC Roux...
  2. Stud Service (Wanted or For Stud)
    Stoney is a well built 70 lbs yellow lab. He has achieved his HRCH, UH, MH, and 3X GMPR as a 3 year old. Stoney was completely amateur handled in all passes through HRCH and SH, and Stoney is my first to ever compete in AKC or APLA. I enlisted Texoma Retrievers (Justin Jackson) to campaign him...
1-2 of 6 Results