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  1. General Retriever Training Forum
    I am new to training world. My question is: Is it wise to review and learn from multiple different training programs or even mix them? Example reviewing both Smart Works and Total Retriever, or is best to use one program initially then maybe expand later when you start a new dog;, or learn and...
  2. General Retriever Training Forum
    Alright, first off I'm not trying to start an entertainment thread or an argument. All I'm wondering is what is the best program or programs to use for "Amish" or non-electric training? All I'm looking for is a dog to be my family's buddy and retrieve the ducks I shoot. I'm also open on any tips...
  3. General Retriever Training Forum
    Hello all! Thanks to all who spend time here helping others! Pertinent Background I have a two year old yellow Labrador. He comes from a great line and is probably smarter than I am. :) He currently: sits, lays down, stays (working on removing the word "stay" and we are almost there!)...
1-3 of 3 Results