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    Here they are, yesterdays video, face to face with Snapper x Tilly pups. Enjoy
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    2 weeks old now, a few have eyes peeking open today, and most have been standing and wobbling, trying to walk. From just a hair under 3lbs, to almost 3.5lbs, they are growing, gaining every day. Here they are,
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    Finished the clean up and touch up on Saturday night, brought it in the house today. I built this 3 years ago with our 1st litter (8 pups). Have loaned it out the last 2 years for 2 other litters, has whelped 26 pups so far. Art work is new this time, by me. Any thoughts from others, what do...
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    I'm a first time buyer and I'm looking for a labrador retriever puppy! I've been looking for a while, and the more I've looked, the more difficult it has gotten. My dad and I are looking for a great hunting companion as well as a good house pet. We're looking for a female with a great off...
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    Hi, I'm new to the site. Thanks admin for helping me get my account activated. here goes, I have two very nice lab puppies and they are of an age to be introduced to pigeons. So I am building a small loft. I actually wanted to keep a few pigeons anyways. I live in town on a city lot in rural...
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    Step No. 1 - get the puppy to chase something. In this case a rolled up sock. :D Have a look...
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    Here is 3 BF's from my litter, I have been doing video in groups for buyers to see, most are out of state. My photo bucket has many vids and pics of the litter, and all that goes with it. I just tell ya, you can't smell that puppy breath, but you'l know they are there...
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    Trying to stand and walk today, comical to watch.
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    Today being Mothers Day, and our 1st litter delivered last night makes this a very special occasion. 3BF, 2BM, 2YF, 1YM. 1BF available. Ely X Tilly Litter
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    With due date (Mothers Day) approaching, I had an xray taken yesterday. She has gained 10.3 pounds since the day of breeding, is showing all the signs of a large litter. 9 days to whelp date. How many do you see?
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    My 1st lab, 3 y/o BLF. HRCH at 25months, trained and titled by pro. Planning this breeding since last fall, talking with trainer, Vet, and others in the game that have years of experiance... Fast forward. Wednesday Feb 27 notice 1st blood, although my GSP fixed female had been sniffing...