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  1. Classifieds - Lab Puppies
    Your next competition dog will be ready to take home on 1/23/2022 (A great National Derby Bday) 4 Females Available Puppy's pedigree includes 3 Hall of Fame dogs, 2 NAFC FC AFC dogs, one is her grandmother who was both NAFC and National Derby Champion. CAFC, multiple FC AFC, MH, QA2 and QAA...
  2. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hello Everyone, My name is Dana and I am new to the forum. I am excited to announce that in 26 days, we will have a new black lab in our home. I haven't had lab puppy in 20 years. The best part is, this puppy is going to be a Christmas present for my 3 kids. I just am going to need a lot of...
  3. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Trying to decide on a puppy program. I feel like that was one area I was lacking and held me back training my last lab. I know Evan is on this forum but I have had recommendations for both his puppy program and Sound Beginnings. I will be working into Lardy's Total Retriever training 2. So that...
  4. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hello all, Just a question regarding my puppy’s ability to mark bumpers. First, let me tell you that I have a 5 month old lab and am following Hillmann’s program. His retrieval desire fluctuates so at this point my primary focus is still just developing that. What’s interesting though is that my...
1-4 of 48 Results