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  1. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    Hello Everyone - New to this forum. I am training my current 8 month old Lab for duck hunting, just as I did with my previous Lab, following Wolters book GameDog, as well as some tricks from a Retriever Club I went to 10 years ago (they've since disbanded I believe). Anyway, everything was...
  2. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    10 week old lab female. Brought her home a week ago. I'll be following Hillmans program for puppies but I'm coming across some issues. She will not give up the bumper, she has a really strong grip and I've tried putting my finger in her mouth and pushing the bumper into but it seems to aggrivate...
  3. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    I own a 14 month old Lab Colley mix. She got more of the Lab than Colley and I am thinking about trying to train her to be a duck retriever. I have taken her when i go out shooting and when something hits the water she will retrieve it ( as lons as she see's the splash). I can sometimes guide...
  4. RTF - Retriever Training Forum
    I have a black lab female, I have trained her to hunt and retrieve shed antlers. But I've. Notice here lately, now that sheds are dropping we've been going to new land to hunt actual sheds. And my biggest problem is she now wants to stay within about 20 yrds of me. Any advice w this? She is only...
1-4 of 4 Results