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    On 3/22/21 my dog's temp was 98.9 in the morning and 100.2 at night. The next day her temp went down to 98.8 for the whole day yesterday (3/23/21). Today she didn't have her puppies, but her temp went down again to 98.0 for the whole day today. When should I be expecting puppies, she has been...
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    Icmay be in big trouble here. It is after 11 pm, I am in a very rural community with only 1 vet, who is long past the age of retirement. (He is 87). Anyway, I have raised several different breeds of dogs over the last 30 years and have been fortunate enough to only ever need 2 c-sections during...
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    Finished the clean up and touch up on Saturday night, brought it in the house today. I built this 3 years ago with our 1st litter (8 pups). Have loaned it out the last 2 years for 2 other litters, has whelped 26 pups so far. Art work is new this time, by me. Any thoughts from others, what do...
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    Today being Mothers Day, and our 1st litter delivered last night makes this a very special occasion. 3BF, 2BM, 2YF, 1YM. 1BF available. Ely X Tilly Litter