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  1. General Retriever Training Forum
    Icmay be in big trouble here. It is after 11 pm, I am in a very rural community with only 1 vet, who is long past the age of retirement. (He is 87). Anyway, I have raised several different breeds of dogs over the last 30 years and have been fortunate enough to only ever need 2 c-sections during...
  2. General Retriever Training Forum
    Finished the clean up and touch up on Saturday night, brought it in the house today. I built this 3 years ago with our 1st litter (8 pups). Have loaned it out the last 2 years for 2 other litters, has whelped 26 pups so far. Art work is new this time, by me. Any thoughts from others, what do...
  3. General Retriever Training Forum
    Today being Mothers Day, and our 1st litter delivered last night makes this a very special occasion. 3BF, 2BM, 2YF, 1YM. 1BF available. Ely X Tilly Litter
1-3 of 4 Results