"The Pack"

A Photo Gallery of the Retriever Training Forum Dogs and the people they own.

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jessiesplash.jpg (8126 bytes) jessiebumper.jpg (19236 bytes) jessieswim.jpg (12087 bytes)

Ken Mackenzie sends us these pictures of Jessie, his black lab pup.

bails.jpg (23375 bytes)

Mary from upstate NY is pictured here with her pup "Bails".  Bails earned her NAHRA started and AKC Junior titles in four entries each.  This team is definitely "hooked" on the dawg games.

caseysr.jpg (21698 bytes) sled3.jpg (42892 bytes)

Doc E's Casey went 4 for 4 in his Licensed Field Test debut, earning his NAHRA SR title with ease.  Casey's now chugging along with his Intermediate work.  On the right, Casey shows how he helps the boss get his hunting gear to the blind!  Who says a retriever's work starts AFTER he's in the blind?


mariana.jpg (28773 bytes)thomastrains.jpg (9904 bytes)

Thomas Peņa of Albuquerque, NM has trained his lab, Reina Loba to assist in wildflower picking.  Here Thomas' daughter Mariana is shown after picking session in a meadow area of the Jemez Mountains.  On the right, Reina Loba runs a long blind along the Cebolla creek.

Span & Lab2.JPG (30031 bytes)

Bill Beckett of Ireland sends these two pictures of his young gundogs, a spaniel and a lab.


coot1.jpg (30307 bytes) coot2.jpg (29615 bytes)

Captain Jeff Coats, hunting guide on the famed Chesapeake Bay in Marylad, took these photos of his new guide service partner "Coot".  She's pictured here on her 6 month birthday this past Summer.  Most likely her water entry this season will be stylish!


cooper.jpg (24716 bytes)

Bill Steglitz, aka "Stegs" of Massachusetts owns Cooper pictured above.

robbrowndawg.jpg (27423 bytes)

 Rob Heilig of SC with a browndawg.  Rob points out the importance of the training aid in his right hand.




pdsdkwlucy.jpg (16191 bytes) lucyheadshot.jpg (12005 bytes)

Darren  and Pam Wallace  and their dawg Lucy who's always improving in her dawg work!

Hannahoncouch.jpg (29916 bytes)laurie.jpg (15132 bytes)LAWhistle1.jpg (20692 bytes)wvdrake.jpg (18496 bytes) LaurandPatch.jpg (18016 bytes)craytuck.jpg (12122 bytes)

Cray and Michelle Stephenson of Creighton  Kennels in Big Spring, Kentucky own these dawgs.  On the left is Hannah, center pics are Laurie.  Patrick is testing out his mom's handmade drake mallard Halloween outfit and then, a later pic of Patch with his pal Laurie.  Finally, a pic of Daddy Cray with puppy Tuck.

LS  pup.jpg (31112 bytes)

Lee Salmon bred this little puppy, shown at 5 1/2 weeks with his first bird retrieve.  This puppy is now owned by Mike Mills.


stevedogs4.jpg (27544 bytes) Steve.jpg (21471 bytes) Larrysteve.jpg (29659 bytes)

These two dawgs are owned by Steve and Karen Shaver of Utah.  Abbee is the little goober on the left, age 4 months in this pic.  On the right is Larry (aka..the Wonderdawg)!  As you can see, Larry has Steve trained well.


jboyerdawg.jpg (39999 bytes)

"Kwik Taffey" is retrieving a bumper at 10 weeks of age.  Kwik is owned by Jim Boyer of Roscoe, IL.  Kwik and Jim expect to have a great first season together with the Badger State HRC.


thunder.jpg (28729 bytes)

"Thunder" aka "Blunder" is owned by Tom Lewis at Elite Gundogs in Ogden, UT.  Elite's Sepia Thunder works as a guide dog for 6 months out of each year and currently has over 3,000 hunting retrieves to his credit!


junior.jpg (20332 bytes) jungoosecall.jpg (69506 bytes)

Junior shown here "belongs" to Dr. Rick and Nicole Fanella of Indiana, PA.  The shot on the right shows Junior working geese at 16 months of age!

jerrypup.jpg (13809 bytes)

These yellows were in from a recent litter bred by Jerry Harris of Texas.  The caption that Jerry sent was "Don't worry little brother, I know of an Amish home for you."  One of these or a littermate to these may be now owned by e-collar guru Fred Hassen in Nevada.


blast.jpg (50737 bytes) Blastgrace.jpg (30074 bytes)

Eli (front) and Gracie (behind) are owned by Harry and Karen Harper of the Dallas, TX area.  On the right is a shot of Harry and Gracie in a Texas tank gettin' after 'em!


cappy.jpg (25149 bytes)

Cappy is pictured here in his first Spring surrounded by Nevada spring wildflowers in what is now one of his favorite training fields.  Jim and Carol Belmont of Las Vegas are the proud owners.  


steelpeg1.jpg (37240 bytes)  Steelpeg2.jpg (29118 bytes)

Here's Mic and his owner/trainer/handler Peggy Ramsey in a dove field on the left and the team proudly displaying a 3rd place Qualifying Ribbon on the right.


Smokekev.jpg (55278 bytes)

Kevin Knight of Michigan in a holiday pose with his versatile gundog, "Smoke", and another buddy.  (Kevin is the one with the trimmed beard and no hat.) 


moidawgs.jpg (121475 bytes)   atkpack3.jpg (34116 bytes)    fam.jpg (62327 bytes)

Moira Atkinson with Maili and Bubba after a successful NAHRA test day.  The Atkinson pack (center pic) Maili, Luke, Bubba and Champ.  Right hand picture..the whole crew on wedding day. 


Jeremy.jpg (34052 bytes)

Jeremy Chinn, a waterfowler, competition duck caller, and maker of Lagrue Custom Calls duck calls, sends this picture of his dawg Jesse.


steggroup.jpg (38243 bytes)

"Stegs" sends this pic of him and his crew:  From left:  Bill Steglitz, Cooper, McGruff, Willie, Billy Armstrong (don't pronounce the "r"), and Andy with Myrl and Duke.  (Myrl and Duke are wirehaired and regular Viszlas respectively.)


peakebuckbrock.jpg (41868 bytes)  peakejoey.jpg (63129 bytes)  peakelab.jpg (39803 bytes)  peakepup.jpg (37698 bytes)

Dave Bray's kennel Kinkade Chesapeakes is featured here.  On the left is father Buck owned by Dave (aka Peake) and next to  him is Brock, owned by Dr. Rick Fanella.  The center pics are shots of Joey with HR Buck and puppy Katie.  On the right is a pic of Dave with son Joey and the famous RTF Christmas pup.  This pup was part of a collaborative effort by Cray Stevenson and Dave Bray to get this Kinkade kennels donated puppy to a young boy whose father had passed.  All this boy wanted for Christmas was a Chessie pup...and he got one!   


Hunter3.jpg (11405 bytes)

Hunter is pictured here at around 8 weeks of age.  He is owned by Eric Austin of Columbus, Ohio.  These guys are looking forward to a fun Spring and Summer, with dreams of Fall outings for wildfowl in the future.


HLK&SMOKE[1].jpg (41400 bytes) Smoke.jpg (9466 bytes)

Henrietta Knight, the daughter of Kevin D. Knight poses here after a victorious day with "Smoke".  "I handled  him, but Henrietta looks much better in the pictures!" says Dad.  This placement was won in a Fort Detroit German Wirehair Pointer Spring Field Trial held on April 7 2001.


morganpups.jpg (34461 bytes)  morganpup.jpg (15269 bytes) Pauliezack.jpg (29278 bytes) donniejrpups.jpg (34621 bytes)

Donny and Lisa Morgan of upstate NY operate HighHopes Retrievers.  Of their most recent litter, photo below left, there are still a couple black pups who are getting daily training and are available to the right home. Paulie, Morgan is shown (middle) with old dawg Zack.  Donny Jr. oldest son is in the next shot with the two available pups.


sadie.jpg (29600 bytes) bearandsadie.jpg (24712 bytes)

Sadie is owned by Keith Black.  She and Keith are serious waterfowlers from Peru, Indiana.


doc1.jpg (20813 bytes) doc2.jpg (20872 bytes)briansc.jpg (27854 bytes) 

Doc is remembered by Brian Cockfield of South Carolina.  Buckwheat's Little Root Doctor MH was born April 22, 1995 and died October 30, 2001. The pic on the right shows Doc with some of her other best  training pals from left to right are "Yetti", "Threat MH", and "Doc MH". Doc was truly Brian's best buddy and will always be remembered as his #1 gundog and companion.


gus flying.jpg (20121 bytes) the gang.jpg (18615 bytes)  

Waynep of Australia sends these pics of his pack.  The black one is a Flat-coated-Retriever, his duck dog, at 9 years old.  She ran in about 10 trials and won an all-age at her 7th trial way back in 96. was leading a state champ at her 10th trial until she wrong birded on the second last run.  The judge (an old friend) had great delight in telling me that.  hyped up, mad as a snake, not consistant enough for trials or fun to train but we have fun on the swamps.  the channel is 28 paces from the back door of the house.


Casey40.jpg (39433 bytes) caseypiedmont.jpg (24014 bytes) sword.jpg (31652 bytes)

Mark Mulhollem and Casey are shown here at the Northern Piedmont NAHRA Regional Spring 2001 (left and center).  Right, Casey retrieves a Suzie in a NAHRA test.

AmWinTalbot.jpg (32114 bytes)

DavidJ and Comet win the Amateur!  Breeze Hill's Burnin' Comet (FC/AFC Rebel Ridge Cody's Mischief x Budd's Ocean Spray Girl - 6/30/98) wins the Amateur at the Spring 2001 Talbot Field Trial.  Comet is owned, trained and handled by David Jensen of Maidens, VA. 


Lillian.jpg (23635 bytes)

Lily and Hattie are shown here celebrating Lily's 2nd birthday, first thing in the morning.  The two, both ''owned'' by John Hewitt (aka Hew), are the same age and are not unlike Siamese twins.


diesel.JPG (23035 bytes)

Joey O with Diesel, pictured here after their first AKC Junior qualification at beautiful Lake Champlain Retriever Club (Vermont).   Joey acknowledges pro Alec Sparks for his training with Joey and Diesel.


chis6.jpg (25862 bytes)

Rusty Ramblin's Chiseld InStoneWC "Chisel" Chesapeake Bay Retriever Male DOB: April 29th/00 Breeder , Owner Handler Kerri N Lynch Ontario, Canada


samty.jpg (32322 bytes) ty.jpg (40254 bytes)

Kurt Williams' labs "Sam" (yellow) and "Ty" (black) are shown in their boss' duckboat getting ready for their upcoming MO waterfowl season. On the right is Ty with this season's resulting ribbons from a 4 - for - 4 UKC/HRC hunt showing.


termite.jpg (25647 bytes)

Jerry Harris of Texas sends this pic of young "Termite".  This pup went 4 for 4 in AKC Junior and Jerry expects more success with the big dawgs.


thegirls.jpg (30882 bytes)

Sue-UK sends this gorgeous picture of hers and her friend Carole's UK labs in the rolling hills of the Somerset, England countryside.


shanestorm.jpg (18989 bytes)

Shane Doughty with Storm pose with their day's take after a Grove City, PA event.  They got their WR title with the help of SWPA pro trainer Rich Kerlin.


kenmack.jpg (25616 bytes)

Ken MacKenzie is shown here with Hot Diggity IV "Jessie" (FC Watermark's Troublesome Scout x Ebony's Midnight Blue), BLF, whelped 07-01-00.

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