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20 ga.? (GDG)

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This past X-Mas my wife got me a sweet litl' O/U 20 Gauge. I've never owned or even shot a twenty so curious if this litl' upland gun can do double duty for waterfowl? If so any experience on non-tox loads to try? Or just trade it for a new 12ga.??
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I use 3 inch - #2 or #3 steel for geese, 2 3/4 #4 steel for ducks and #6 lead for upland. Great shooting gun and have no problems with waterfowl or upland.

I went the route of a 20 then for years shot only a 12. The I had very major shoulder surgery and had to go back to the 20 for less recoil. That was 2 seasons ago and I am seriously looking at selling one of my 12 gage and getting another 20.

These are some birds from this last fall with the 20

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Re: Pics

Richard Finch said:
Nice pics man!!! Good lookin Red Dawg...
Richard --- Thanks - they are both pretty good dogs and have worked out well in the field. Tests are going ok --- if they got a better handler they would be further ahead :oops:

ltsolwhat said:
Besides, I think that using a gun that is comfortable and fits correctly more than offsets the fewer number of shot in the string. The weight factor is a big plus as I get older.
I agree on this 100%. A few years back a friend accidently left his 12 gage at home. Normally from his shooting ability I was always a firm believer he that he was either not a meat eater or was a closet PETA member. I loaned him my back up gun for the trip - my 20 ga O/U. This was the best he ever shot - got his limit of geese and missed very few. The gun fit him well, he could swing it with eaze and I believe he was not flinching.

funny looking labs Hugh. LOL.
Josh --- I really do keep trying -- but they keep washing off the black paint. By the way nice looking boat -- that project turned out real well.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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