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a training grounds $$$$ question

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those of you with rockin' cool training grounds.
How much do you charge folk for a day of training on your property?

those of you who pay to use training grounds.
How much are you charged and what do you get in return?
Firm place to park your truck, locked gate to play behind, mowed grounds.... that kind of stuff???
it is nice to get behind closed doors.
thank you all
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At a 2800 acre farm/ranch near Stillwater MN, an annual training pass is $250.00.

This is a working cattle operation so the fields are usually kept grazed and workable. Cow pies to deal with. Natural ponds, no tech water, but a couple of nice stock ponds and irregular shaped ponds to work with.

You are supposed to sign in and have to have your pass on you. Thousands of dogs have trainied and trialed on these grounds over the years.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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